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Ronnie at a wedding, Craig Y Nos Neath Port Talbot

Hello, I'm Ronnie

I love creating colourful, fun and inspiring ceremonies that celebrate you...

I’ve been living a less than normal existence for as long as I can remember. I’ve interviewed bands for a living for over 20 years and done all kinds of other jobs from running the actors’ company at The London Dungeon to producing cabaret shows and events and I’m a tour guide for the National Trust – which I love!​I’m married to Stu. We live in Wales with three cats, loads of guitars and strange artwork. I like cocktails, having a great time and being creative. My CD/vinyl collection is an "eclectic" mix of punk, rock, goth and earthy folk music from Egypt. We had an awesome wedding, we had a brilliant after-party and when we leave this world, we want to go out in a way that reflects the way we lived.​I love talking to people and I love hearing your stories, which is why I really love celebrating your life with you. Everyone has a story and all life is remarkable. If you have found my website because you are getting married or saying goodbye to a loved one then tell me your story - I'd love to create something that's authentic and really reflects you. 

Wedding celebrant_edited.png

"Thank you!"

"You've done such a great job with the ceremony; knowing how much thought and meaning is going into it has really given us something to look forward to."
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