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I love telling stories. Your stories. And I've been telling stories for a long time... 

I’ve told the stories of rock and punk bands via International magazines for over 25 years and told the grim and gristly stories of London, writing scripts, shows and running the actors' company whilst at The London Dungeon. I told the stories of characters (mostly dead Victorians) and "made the historical hysterical" in the cabaret world (I even won an award for my Queen Victoria act!).  And you can find me telling the stories of ghosts and other folklore at venues including Dinefwr Park National Trust – which I love!​


I’m married to Stu. We live in Wales with four cats, loads of guitars and strange artwork. I like cocktails, having a great time, belly dancing and being creative. My CD/vinyl collection is an "eclectic" mix of punk, rock, goth and earthy folk music from Egypt.


We had an awesome wedding, we had a brilliant after-party and when we leave this world, we want our loved ones to celebrate the way we lived.​

I love talking to people and I love hearing your stories, which is why I really love celebrating your life with you. Everyone has a story and all life is remarkable.


If you have found my website because you are getting married or saying goodbye to a loved one then tell me your story - I'd love to create something that's authentic and really reflects you. 


"Thank you!"

"You've done such a great job with the ceremony; knowing how much thought and meaning is going into it has really given us something to look forward to."
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