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Losing a loved one is difficult and it can seem overwhelming to try and represent the way your loved one lived their life, especially when you are grieving. 

I will listen, guide you through this difficult time, and work with you to create a service that celebrates their life. 

What to expect

1: A meeting

We will talk about your loved one and what makes them special, significant events in their life and achievements and also discuss any particulars for the service such as music and reading choices.

A funeral service is usually 20 minutes long and can include a slide show and tributes, if you or anyone else would like to make one

I like to keep in touch with families throughout the process - sometimes people forget important things after our meeting and I aim to accommodate all your wishes...    

2: Copy of the Service

I will send a draft of the service for you to check to ensure the service will be running as expected. It is your celebration of a loved one's life and I want it to be perfect.

The ceremony script will be finished a couple of weeks before the ceremony to give you time to reflect and gather your thoughts. It also gives funeral staff time to order music choices, print out your Order Of Service and any thing else that is needed. 

I will always be available during this time for any reassurance     

3: The Service

I like to arrive at least 30 mins before your service starts, so if there is anything I can help you and your family and friends with on this most difficult of days, I am at hand (I usually have a supply of extra tissues, too). 

After the service has taken place, if you would like me to send you a printed copy of the entire service, it would be my pleasure. Some families like to take time to take in what was said on the day of the funeral.  Please let me know if this is required. 

Other celebration of life services

Interment/Ashes Scatter

You may wish to include a brief interment ceremony. In the case of a burial, this may be on the same day as the service, and in the case of ashes, this might take place after and in a different location to the crematorium. If you would like me to do this for you, don't hesitate to ask... We will have a chat about what you would like to include.  

Life Celebration After A Direct Cremation

We usually conduct our ceremonies in a crematorium on the day of a cremation or burial, but it is becoming increasingly popular to opt for a ‘direct cremation’, which basically means the body is committed without a service attached.

A direct cremation gives you the opportunity to celebrate your loved one's life before or after the cremation has taken place, at a place of your choosing, which might be somewhere more personal to the deceased, for example a favourite beach, woodland, garden or special venue (with the owner's permission). You can personalise your ceremony with a toast, play a short film, or even incorporate a performance from a group connected to your loved one (for example, they may have been a member of a choir...). In a less formal setting, mourners may feel more comfortable sharing their special memories and we can create a circle of love to do this if you wish.  

Ceremonies For A Beloved Animal Companion 

Of course, our furry friends are more than just a pet, they are our constant companions, and they find a home in our hearts. Saying goodbye to a beloved friend is always difficult, and I would be honoured to help you create a fitting tribute. 

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